UX + UI Design

(User Experience and User Interface Design) Designing a website isn’t an easy thing. How users interact with your site as well as the aesthetics are vitally important if you want to engage and convert users. We will work with you, get to know your company, brand and customers and come up with some great ideas in the form of UX prototypes and mock-up -designs. Using feedback from you as well as a range of usability studies, we can start to refine the designs until we know we have something amazing.


Web Development

How your site is built is really important. It needs to be easy to manage its content without too much training. It has to be fast, secure, scalable and robust. We work with a number of technologies, primarily WordPress, Symfony, Drupal and Magento. However our tech boffins are able to work with many other platforms. Which one we use is based on your requirements and preference. If you have very specific requirements, like integration into other systems, then fear not, we have an immense amount of experience doing this kind of thing. From payment gateways to holiday reservation systems, we know the right way to do it.


Analytics and Insights

Getting users to their objective as quickly and efficiently as possible is the goal of most websites. Data is key to this. It helps us understand how your users are using the site and gives us clues as to where they might be having problems. From bounce rate to booking funnels we know what to look for. We will use a range of technologies to achieve this: Site Analytics, Heatmaps, Session record, to name a few.


Social Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of social marketing and people’s capacity to engage with your business through it. Having the right social media strategy can really help drive high quality traffic to your website. We understand the subtlety and nuance of social media and can really help you set up some fantastic campaigns.



It’s just colours and fonts right? Well yes, but it’s so much more than that. Your website is your ambassador to the rest of the world, it sets tone and frames what you do and who you are. We will get to know your business, key staff and customers, so we understand how you want the rest of the world to see you.



This is a little passion of ours. Bespoke illustration can really set you apart from others. Stock images are all well and good but when you want something really unique then let us help you.